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Kristen, Office Manager, Chiropractic Assistant

Kristen moved from Northern Indiana to Summerville in 2014 with her husband and two sons. She has worked in healthcare for the past twenty years focusing mostly on home health hospice. She attended the University of Southern Indiana and studied Health Science. Kristen is highly trained in all therapies benefiting active rehabilitation and exercises. Kristen has mastered the all-natural way with combinations of essential oils and current techniques to not only calm the body but mind as well. She believes in the process of getting better it is crucial to keep a positive mind set. “Seeing people that have tried so many times using conventional methods and feel defeated; to having them reach a place where they are hopeful and striving again to feel better is the most rewarding part of what I do.”
While pregnant with her first son, she began researching a more natural lifestyle that has since led to a slight obsession with nutrition, essential oils and anything pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth. In her free time, Kristen enjoys exploring the Lowcountry with her family. Biking and visiting surrounding beaches are always a fun way to enjoy time with her loved ones on her days off. She is currently embracing homeschooling so that she not only can spend more time with her two sons, but also to be involved in their mental and emotional growth.


Athena, Patient Management, Chiropractic Assistant

Athena moved from Columbia, SC to St. George, SC in 2014 with her husband and children. She has twelve years in the chiropractic field and her purpose is to help as many people as possible. She attended Pasco-Hernado Community College and transferred to Trident Technical College where she studied Health Science. Athena is highly trained in all therapies benefiting active exercises and rehabilitation. Athena developed a strong passion for chiropractic care that has not only helped her through high-risk pregnancies but her children as well. Athena has also worked in a Personal Injury Law Office and understands how important and beneficial chiropractic care can be through a traumatic injury. Athena’s passion is people: “I love being able to be a part of someone’s journey to healing. It’s incredible watching the differences and I am so thankful to be a person that can help them with that.” When not in the office, Athena enjoys time with her family. Exploring new adventures is the highlight of any day off. Athena is currently embracing homeschooling so she can not only spend more time with her children but be rewarded in watching their mental and emotional growth.


Brittany, Chiropractic Assistant

Brittany moved from Indiana to Charleston, South Carolina in 2020. She has 5 years in the chiropractic field. At the age of 16, she went to a chiropractor as a patient and to her surprise she was offered a job that became one of the best opportunities in her life and quickly developed into her passion. “Taking a holistic approach has always been a passion and stepping into the chiropractic field has fed that drive. I am so blessed to watch my patients get better daily.” Something fun about Brittany is that she loves baking and trying new recipes. In her spare time, you can absolutely find her in the kitchen. For now, Brittany is enjoying her single life in Charleston and open to new adventures! Brittany loves to spend her quiet time on the beach with a good book!


Jose, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jose graduated from American Massage and Bodywork Institute (AMBI) in May 2017. Licensed under the Nursing Board of Virginia and the Massage Board of South Carolina he practices therapeutic massage therapy. His techniques currently focus on Swedish Massage Therapy, Active Release Technique, and Trigger Point Therapy. Pressure for massage can range from light to deep pressure. Jose is dedicated to the patients care and understands that every patient is uniquely different. His primary focus is to assist his clients into leading an active lifestyle and in the meantime educating them through the process.

When not practicing massage therapy, Jose enjoys diving into research books as well as novels full of mystery, magic, and suspense. Other hobbies include going out on runs, taking adventurous hikes, traveling, snowboarding, and experimenting with new food recipes.

Jose’s biggest goal: Help his patients start healing better.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Everyone is so nice and always checking on you. Love all the employees."
    Chrissie Webster
  • "I always look forward to coming to this place. Dr. Ron and staff are really nice and friendly. After having 8 treatments, I am feeling better and not taking pain medicine. Scheduling is very flexible which makes it easier for me due to my job responsibilities. I highly recommend this place."
    Emy Grantham
  • "My hubby and I have been coming here for a few months now and we absolutely love it. The staff is amazing, and Dr. Ron has us both pain free. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Ron and his staff at Swain Family Chiropractic."
    Cara Lea Youngman
  • "I love Swain Family Chiropractic! Everyone one there is friendly! 100% recommend!"
    Andrea Dahlman
  • "I'm pregnant and was having difficulties walking until I went to see Dr. Swain. Now I'm enjoying my pregnancy pain free. Love this place."
    Connie ~ Summerville SC
  • "A wonderful chiropractor who genuinely cares about the best interests of his patients."
    Maggie ~ Summerville, SC
  • "Dr. Ron is an excellent chiropractic doctor who combines holistic as well as medical practices, amazing!"
    Karen B. ~ Summerville, SC