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5 Common Chiropractic Techniques For Back and Neck Pain

Many adults and even younger individuals struggle with chronic back and neck pain. While this pain and discomfort can be challenging, chiropractic techniques are available to reduce and ease your Read More

COVID-19, Chiropractic and our practice.

Dear Valued Patients: First and foremost, please remember that Chiropractic does much more than relieve neck and back pain! Ultimately, it allows us to remove interference in your nervous system and Read More

Preventing Degenerative Disc Disease

Preventing Degenerative Disc Disease Bottom Line:  Degenerative disc disease is a condition that can affect your spinal discs as you age. Due to stress and injury throughout your life, your spinal discs Read More

How To Fix A Slipped Disc

How to Fix a Slipped Disc Bottom Line:  Slipped or herniated discs happen when the inside of your spinal disc pushes through the disc’s exterior. Believe it or not, most herniated discs Read More

How To Tell If Your Back Pain Is Muscle Or Disc Related

How to Tell If Your Back Pain Is Muscle or Disc Related Bottom Line:  You’ve felt back pain. What’s causing it, and how can you tell if your back pain is Read More

The Most Common Disc Problems

The Most Common Spinal Disc Problems Bottom Line:  Have you ever experienced back pain? Did you know that's one of the most common health complaints in the US? Each day about 31 Read More

The "Secret" to Top Sports Performance

Bottom Line:  There's a secret behind the success of many professional athletes. A hidden factor that they wouldn't tell anyone else, and one that never left the elite circle of athletes Read More

Looking to Relax? Try Exercise.

Bottom Line:  If you are stressed out or looking for a little rest and relaxation, exercise may be just what you need. Aerobic exercise is good for your mind and body. Read More

Getting Older Doesn't Mean Slowing Down

Bottom Line: Staying healthy as you age isn't just about adding more years to your life. It's also about adding more life to your years! Participating in daily physical activity and Read More

Moving Your Body Towards Improved Health

Bottom Line:  Being healthy doesn't mean that you need to spend 20 hours each week in the gym. Even little things like standing at work can make a big improvement in Read More

Surgery vs. Chiropractic: The Shocking Results

Bottom Line: Surgery is considered a last resort for the treatment of neck and back problems. The risks are significant, the costs are high, and the recovery is long and Read More

Top Medical Groups Are Now Supporting Chiropractic

Bottom Line: The opioid epidemic has led many leading medical groups to emphasize the importance of conservative care for low back and neck pain. The world's largest medical society, the Read More

Can Surgery Fix Your Back Problem?

Bottom Line: Over 90% of us will experience back pain during their life. Thankfully, less than 5% will need surgery. So why are so many operations being performed? And does Read More

The Risky Business of Spinal Injections

Bottom Line: If you've suffered from pain in your arm or leg, it could be caused by a spinal disc pressing on one of your nerves. If a medical doctor Read More

After an Accident: How to Get Your Life Back

Bottom Line: Getting into a car accident can be one of the scariest experiences of your life. In an instant, your life changes, and it can be difficult both physically and Read More

Why Isn’t My Shoulder Moving!?

Bottom Line: Pain in and around the shoulder is very common after a car accident or work injury. The shoulder is considered an unstable joint which means that it has a Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 21 posts


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