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Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Find relief from chronic headaches and migraines with chiropractic care.

You are going through your day and, all of a sudden, you experience the telltale symptoms of headache pain. If you’re a migraine sufferer, this headache pain may also be accompanied by other debilitating symptoms such as nausea or sensitivity to light or sounds. Minutes later, you’re taking over-the-counter pain medications to help ease your sudden headache pain, or maybe lying down in a dark room until the migraine attack passes. These may provide some relief, but for many people, this relief is only temporary.

Chronic headaches and migraines are never normal

Pain is the body’s natural response to tell you that something is wrong. Some people assume that chronic headache pain is just another fact of life. However, chronic headaches and migraines – and related conditions such as chronic back pain and chronic neck pain – can often be the sign of larger health issues.

Wellness exam

As the first step in your chronic headache or migraine management, we perform our unique wellness exam, using the most advanced diagnostic equipment to detect any potential hidden health issues. With these results, we can get a better sense of what may be causing your headache pain or migraines, and it helps us to develop your personalized chiropractic care plan – which is designed to help you reach your wellness goals as quickly as possible.

The benefits of chiropractic care

As part of your care, we typically will perform a chiropractic adjustment, manipulating the spine to correct a subluxation, or misalignment of your spine. Subluxations – and the underlying effects on soft tissue structures and your central nervous system – can cause many chronic pain conditions and symptoms, including chronic headaches and migraines. Correcting these types of misalignments is one of the many ways that we can help provide chronic headache relief.

Support throughout treatment

Starting with your first visits and throughout your chiropractic care at Swain Family Chiropractic, we will also suggest additional chronic headache management and wellness techniques that you can incorporate outside of your primary treatment at our office. Regardless of your condition and wellness goals, we will work with you to provide a customized wellness plan that addresses your chronic headaches or migraines, and which helps you to achieve good spinal alignment, follow a healthy diet, get enough exercise and maintain a positive mental state. During your treatment you will also have access to our extensive library of health and wellness content, including exercise videos, wellness newsletters and other helpful resources.

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