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We have treated thousands of people over the years, here is what some of the people are saying about our Summerville office:

Dr. Swain and his team are very nice people. It's a great place to get your back fixed. I highly recommend this place. It improves your quality of life. And they make you feel at home and they love your kids. ❤

- Jodi W.

Highly recommended Swain Chiropractic. I am eighty years young and was diagnosed with osteoporosis and have had two compression fractures. I was told by two doctors they could do nothing and to take pain meds. Within two months of treatment, my back pain is virtually gone, and owe it all to Dr. Ron and his staff. Thank you, Swain Chiropractic, for making life livable again.

- William E.

Very friendly and personable staff who truly care about the patients they treat! Dr. Swain is a class act who is very knowledgeable and provides excellent adjustments and therapy. This is my families local chiropractic office and we love it!

Mitchell M.

Awesome chiropractic care. Easy and quick. Thanks Doctor Ron!

- Chris F.

Amazing and friendly staff. After about two months I have seen positive results and I’ll recommend Dr. Swain for anyone.

Evan S.

Great doctor and the staff is amazing as well! He is great with kids and is always willing to try to get you in. I can't say enough good things about them.

Christen B

Great chiropractor is thorough in his evaluation and has helped me get relief quickly. The hours of operation are convenient, and the location is close to home.

Mark M.

Dr Swain has not only fixed my back but taught me how to maintain my health. He really cares about fixing a problem. Not just masking the problem

Mike P.

Went to buy my wife a Mother's Day gift. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Eric S.

Best chiropractor l have ever had. I feel great! Comprehensive testing, individual consultation, and a plan of action of which l see and feel the results.

Mary C.

I could not even turn my neck to check to see if it was safe to change lanes in traffic. Now I have no problems and even better no pain! Highly recommended. Great Docs and staff

Beth W.

I woke up with severe neck pain and after a week finally decided to come here. Within just a couple of weeks my neck pain was completely gone. They've also helped with my extreme acid reflux issue; I hardly ever have to take antacids anymore.

Marty G.

I’ve been going to Dr Ron for a couple of months now, I can actually move my neck & back with hardly any pain!! Everyone in the office are wonderful! I would definitely recommend them to anyone with pain!!

Sheryl S.

Amazing chiropractor and staff! Started going here for injuries from a car accident and I have been astonished by how involved the entire office is with care! They went through everything that was wrong and how we were going to fix it very thoroughly! I would recommend them to everyone!

Jessica B.

So my back hurt, and it was pretty bad. My work is very physical, and the pain kept me from performing at my normal level. The man I work for suggested that I go to a chiropractor, as he had done. Years ago I had an accident that gave me multiple screws and plates in my pelvis as a souvenir. They say we fear what we don’t understand…couple that notion with the seriousness of my old injuries and yeah, I was nervous about the prospect of allowing my spine to be wrung like a wet towel. 

When driving, in addition to my normal lumbar pillow I slipped a 2 pound bag of rice behind me as well. At work I had to get help for duties that I normally would do alone. After the initial consultation and evaluation I had much information but still nothing to help me comprehend the actual experience of being “adjusted.” I had to find relief from this pain that was acutely demanding my attention. 

I was out of options. The ER medicines were not working. Dr. Swain was genuine and not selling hype of any kind. I decided to give chiropractic medicine a try. He had me climb onto an apparatus and I heard my spine make noises as he pushed here and there. Afterwards I stood up and nothing was different. I still had pain, but I was not paralyzed or dead! I was very pleased. I came back and over time my pain faded and I put the bag of rice into the trunk of my car.

There is something attain-ably simplistic to Dr. Swains approach to health. We all know that we should choose to eat a balanced diet. We all know that we should exercise mind and body. We all know that we should avoid stresses, emotional or chemical. I have been coming to appointments for 10 weeks or so and I am back to my normal activity and strength.

Sue S.

Dr. Swain and his team are wonderful! They are always cheerful and take time to talk to you to ensure you are getting the most from your visits. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Drew S.

A great team of professionals! I had really bad back pain and visited them. I’ve only been 4 times and I feel so much better! Everyone is very nice and they took their time to explain everything so I can understand what’s happening with my back :) I was really impressed! But most important of all I’m not in pain anymore :)

Maria Cristina V.

I have been a patient of Dr. Swain since July 2016. Neck pain and a burning sensation from my neck into my head caused me to seek a good chiropractor. In less than one year, my pain and the burning sensation have diminished. Just yesterday while on my riding lawn mower, I realized that my previous symptoms (which were even more painful while bouncing along on the mower) were totally gone! Five stars for Dr. Ron and staff!!

Dorie R.

I have suffered lower back pain for over twenty years and with a few visits with Dr. Ron Swain I am pain free and loving it! I would recommend Swain Family Chiropractic and their caring staff to everyone with chronic pain. Thanks you guys, I am loving life.

Candy J.

After suffering with chronic low back pain for almost a year I decided to try the Chiropractic route to see if it would help. Dr. Swain and his staff are friendly, professional and very educational. After just two weeks of treatment my pain is significantly reduced. I'm looking forward to continuing my treatments and working on my stretching and better living habits. I owe it to myself, and so do you! If your in pain, call Dr. Swain

Anthony M.

I decided to go see Dr. Swain due to the continuous pain in my back, hips and shoulders. It was becoming unbearable to even drive or ride in a car. The initial examination and report of findings session was nothing I had ever experienced before. Dr. Swain took the time to actually go over every detail of the results of the scans and x-rays. He discussed my personalized plan of care to get me and my body back on a healing process! It has now only been over a month and I can't believe how much better I feel already! I can actually drive and ride in a car without being in pain! I will continue my plan of care over the next year and I will continue after that with Dr. Swain's recommended maintenance plan. The staff at Swain Family Chiropractic are super fantastic :)

Angel A.

Dr Swain and his staff are truly amazing! Everyone is so friendly and caring. Dr Swain provides excellent care. A visit here always makes me feel better!

Catherine R.

Very thorough exam and X-rays. Top of the line equipment in Dr. Swain's office. Office staff extremely accommodating and professional. Easygoing atmosphere. Dr. Swain very knowledgeable and competent. Dr. takes his time with you and listens to your concerns! The Dr. and staff are very organized!

Patricia H.

5 stars without a doubt! Great people, great atmosphere and all around great service. Call and sign up for your chiropractic care today! It was the best decision I made and I’m going on my second year of care!

Silas C.

I have been coming to Dr. Swain for about a month now and I feel so much better. I’m a new mom and my upper back had been hurting from the constant bending over and holding that us new moms do. I’m back to my pre baby back again. Plus everyone Is so nice it’s a pleasure to come see them all. Thank you Swain Chiropractic!

Stephanie N.

Dr Swain is professional and has such a great attitude and approach to a holistic treatment and overall healthy lifestyle for his patients. The office staff is fantastic and Maggie is the best massage therapist I've had in years! Their convenient location and pleasant office make Swain Chiropractic an easy choice for our family.

Amina W.

First time in my life looking for this medical service and I found a very professional team. Very detailed on their practice that keep you very oriented in how you treatment will be done. Fast acting in your procedure base on the schedule. No waiting time inside the office. First time I arrived to this center I could barely walk, after a month and half I get back to the tennis court again. Thank you to Ron Swain and his team. I highly recommend this Chiropractor Office!!!!

Felipe  C.

What a great office! From beginning to end very pleased with Dr. Swain and the staff! Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. Since being with Dr. Swain I am sleeping well and have even started working out again! Thank you, Dr. Swain and staff!!❤️

Vicki H.

I live in N. Charleston and drive nearly 30 minutes to get to Dr. Swain, as I can’t trust anyone else with my spine . . . and overall health! This doctor is a gifted healer all around.

I’m 60 years old, and have spinal fractures and a deformed neck that date back to childhood. I’ve lived with all kinds of pain, and numbing to point of lack of motility (i.e. back, limbs, feet, hands, neck, knees. . .), and various other health issues. Most doctors put you through all kinds of tests with some invasive and dangerous, and look at only surgery and drugs as the only options no matter what the issue, without looking at actual root of. I wish they, and YOU, would look to the spine as possible root cause, and safer alternatives, before going down that path.

Most every issue of mine has been helped by chiropractic that I initially found 40 years ago in New Jersey. The doctor there had been an M.D. and turned his practice to chiropractic after decades of seeing effects of drugs and surgery, and concluded “The spine is like the transmission in your car, and it starts there”. I say then “ends there” J if you have the right chiropractor to diagnose and treat. Take it from me, the spine really does control everything.

A number of years back, a friend found me the blessed Dr. Swain in Summerville here in South Carolina. I’d written a “thank you testimonial” after Dr. Swain literally got me back on my feet and helped me with other health problems, after like decades of my neglect. I’d gotten to where I just really didn’t want to go on anymore before Dr. Swain treated me, and I’m a very positive, strong person.

I am compelled to write a “thank you review” these years later because Dr. Swain pulled me back up again, and I don’t think I could function anymore without this doctor’s regular care. Even a healthy spine needs maintenance, let alone mine. Anyway, I waited too long to get back there, as I had others to take care of, but I could barely do that as I could barely crawl. I was sure I’d broken my thigh and/or hip with pain past belief, I had constricted breathing when laying even half down, dizziness, and other issues. Dr. Swain, amazingly again, didn’t take long to get me functioning, and I slept for hours for the first time in long time, and woo-hoo continue to. My hearing is coming back too, but think I’ve heard enough in my lifetime- lol.

So, here’s a big THANK YOU, Dr. Swain, and team! Dr. Swain, I love that you see both the forest through the trees, and the trees through the forest, and hope other docs could/would do this. I love that you’re caring, and understanding, and listen, and that you’re not an alarmist, and never condescending. Kristen, Athena, and Laynee, I love your care and understanding and respectfulness and friendliness. I love your clean and warmly inviting office with every room opening up to some really cushy equipment, lots of which on top of spinal adjustments, makes me feel better. Even initially, the testing equipment is just plain cool; oh and the extensive easy to read result pieces, too, on top of being well informative.

I love coming in, because of all of you, and not just because you seriously, seriously alleviate so much of my pain and get parts working. My only complaint is that you will not let me stay overnight there on just any one type of the cushioned massage thingy’s! May God bless you always, for helping people like me, who it really often looks to be hopeless for, June

June K.

Great place and people. They were amazing getting me back to 100% when all the ER did was to give me pain pills. Highly recommend!

Alison G.

I am a health care professional that originally wasn't sold on chiropractic care but after the first few visits at Swain Family, I can honestly say it has been a wonderful experience! The doctors there are very knowledgeable about their practice. I have seen marked improvements in my overall well-being. I would definitely recommend Swain Family Chiropractic to everyone!

Leonard E.

I love this facility and faculty. The women at the front desk are amazing. Laynee and Athena helped me as well as Dr. Swain does a great job. After a few trips I decided to also get a massage and now I feel free as a bird. Swain’s Family Chiropractic has given me life again!

Nathan M.

Dr. Ron and his staff is awesome. The ladies at the front desk who doubles as Med Asst are very attentive and so friendly. Dr. Ron's hands are bless by God. My first day was suppose to be just exam and treatment plan but I had some serious issues going on so Dr. Ron worked me in so he could adjust me that day. When I sleep and drive the city bus my body felt twisted but one day with Dr. Ron I felt a little straighter and the next week was even better. As my treatment continues so will the improvement in my body. I highly recommend Swain chiropractor💖💖💖

- Teddy R.

Came to see Dr. Swain after a week's worth of headaches. What I thought was neck pain was actually radiating from a pinched nerve in middle of my back. Very thorough consultation. Great adjustment and instant relief. Top of the line facility. Highly recommend going to see him.

Zachary W.

My experience here has been nothing short of refreshing, effective, and professional!! Thank goodness for all of the positive reviews, which actually prompted me to visit. I have been going for a month now and am so much better from when I started! I do and will continue to recommend Swain Family Chiropractic...they are AWESOME 😊

LaTischa D.

I had been having trouble with my knee for several weeks and went to see Dr. Swain and he was amazing. I left his office feeling 100% better than when I walked in! Friendly staff and a caring Doctor- can’t get any better than that! I highly recommend Swain Family Chiropractic!

- Beth G.

I have been in pain for the past seven years with my back. I have tried numerous chiropractors who did not help. My pastor’s wife told me about Pastor Jim’s experience with Dr. Ron. I called and made an appointment. Numerous irregularities were going on in my back. I started a health care plan program and from the beginning, I started to get better. I am a work in progress. His program has and is working for me, nothing else has worked. I now believe there is a chance that I will be pain free. When I came to him, I was in excruciating pain and in tears most of the time. I would recommend his program to anyone with pain issues. Dr. Ron and his staff are genuinely concerned about getting me better and I feel like family to them. My mental and physical attitude are so much better, and I am thankful to God and my pastor that I came here.  

- Loraine S.  

Everyone is so nice and always checking on you. Love all the employees. 

- Chrissie W

I always look forward to coming to this place. Dr. Ron and staff are really nice and friendly. After having 8 treatments, I am feeling better and not taking pain medicine. Scheduling is very flexible which makes it easier for me due to my job responsibilities. I highly recommend this place. 

- Emy G

My hubby and I have been coming here for a few months now and we absolutely love it. The staff is amazing, and Dr. Ron has us both pain free. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Ron and his staff at Swain Family Chiropractic.

 - Cara Lea Y

I love Swain Family Chiropractic! Everyone one there is friendly! 100% recommend!

- Andrea D

First off, let me say I have NEVER been to a chiropractor, even though I know many who have been. I envisioned a sumo type doctor grabbing you by the neck trying to twist the life out of you; pushing down on your back/spine as if trying to knead bread ready to flatten it like a pancake! Not so with Dr. Swain. Dr Swain has changed my perception of this profession. He's gentle and considerate. Always wanting to know how you feel, does this hurt, etc!! Then, he makes adjustments based on what he was told. His office is very thorough when doing your initial consult (x-rays, questions, discussions, explanations of procedure, etc!!). In other words he and his staff takes time introducing your body to chiropractic. And the results so far, 4-5 days of restful night sleeping without stiffness and pain. That hasn't happened in such a long time! I still have a ways to go (Rome wasn't built in a day!), but I'm so very thankful!

- Virdell B, Summerville


Such an amazing and friendly staff! I called (desperately) seeking some relief for my newborn. They saw me the same day. They were so gentle with her and eased her pain almost immediately. We've gone from being seen twice a week for two weeks to now every two-and-a-half weeks! Thank you Dr. Chris. You saved our sanity and our sweet baby girl.

- Lacie M, Summerville


I approached Dr. Swain because of the soreness in the back and knees. Dr. Swain helped me by working with me to get me adjusted and encouraging me to take better care of my body in all aspects. The result was: that I am having less (almost no) pain in knees and less pain in the lower back. I also feel better overall since I have been getting adjusted. One thing I liked was the honesty and straightforwardness of Dr. Ron and the overall friendliness of all of the staff! I found my overall experience to be helpful, beneficial, painless, and enjoyable.I would recommend Dr. Swain to people who need: help with pain and guidance with overall health.

-Nick R, Summerville


I approached Dr. Swain because I was having back pain and arthritis pain. Dr. Swain helped me with his adjustments and teaching me new methods of exercise and diet. The results led to much better mobility and I had a ton of pain relief. One thing I like about Dr. Swain is he is very caring about my needs and is always willing to talk through problems I am having with my health. My overall experience is very satisfying. I would recommend Dr. Swain to anyone who has any type of pain or to people who just need overall preventative maintenance.

 -Karen H Summerville


I approached Dr. Swain due to my sciatic and lower back pain. Dr. Swain helped me with his adjustments, using ultrasound, and his recommendation of getting massages with Jose/ The result was vast improvement and also helped with my digestion. One thing I like about this office is the compassion they show and Dr. Swains gentle manner. My overall experience here has been wonderful. I would recommend Dr. Swain to anyone who could use chiropractic care, cold laser, or by just coming in for a massage.

 -Sue K. Summerville


I came to Swain Family Chiropractic because of my immune system issues and I also had lower back pain. Dr. Swain helped me relieve all of my lower back pain and has tremendously helped boost my immune system. Swain has improved my quality of life all around. The results have significantly reduced how often I get sick. One thing I love about this office is how personable the staff and doctors are. I found my overall experience to be excellent! It has changed my life forever. I would recommend Dr. Swain to people who need relief from any type of pain, would like to improve their immune system, and just any type of overall health. Use chiropractic as a preventative instead of a treatment, it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

-Jen R.Summerville


I came to Swain Family Chiropractic because I had lower back and neck pain, but I also just wanted overall wellness. Dr. Swain has helped me turn my life around with chiropractic adjustments, massages, and probiotic care. I am feeling less pain, more mobility, and the ability to workout. The care from everyone here at Swain Family Chiropractic and the genuine compassion Dr. Swain has to help people is just one of the reasons I love coming here. My overall experience here has been excellent! I would recommend Dr. Swain to anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle, overall better health, and severe pain, so pretty much everyone!

-Alexis R Summerville

I wish I would have listened to Dr Swain 3 months ago when he tried to explain that it would take some time to get to 100%! I would have saved myself a lot of headache and money if I had! In my case, I had lower back pain that radiated toward the front. I visited 3 other doctors and had unnecessary x-rays, ultrasounds, lab tests, and was prescribed unnecessary medications when I should have just been given a little dose of patience. I went in and felt so much better after the first visit, but those nagging aches and pains would reappear. Dr Swain told me this would happen and that I should expect this, but did I listen? Nope! I visited those other doctors and didn't go to seek chiropractic care as often as I should've and was still in pain. After all those tests were fine and no problems could be found, I thought I'd begin to go (faithfully, this time) to see Dr Swain for adjustments. Lo and behold, what do you know?! I don't hurt!!! Imagine that! And, it really only took 3 weeks of 2x week visits! We have a tendency as human beings to be impatient when something doesn't relieve all of our pain instantly. If you're reading this and are in a similar situation, keep going! If you're reading this and are considering making a call to see a chiropractor, call Dr Swain! Having a good quality of life is priceless, do this one thing for yourself 😊 You won't regret it.

-Kelli W Summerville

Dear Dr. Swain & Team,

Thank you for all you are doing to literally get me back on my feet! I’d lost hope, but that started changing when I heard about Swain Chiropractic. GOD BLESS YOU for helping me.

Before coming to you, I had so much pain and numbing in varying areas from head to toes, with parts not working, dizziness, ear & jaw popping, frequent breathing constrictions. . . As years went by and I kept getting worse, which I expected with old spinal fractures, I was more often than not, barely functioning.

It sure is amazing all that our spine controls. Your initial tests on me show and tell it, and your time and care for me shows it. These months of spinal adjustments and massages are curing things, and helping things, that were killing me. I was surprised to see some drastic results so early on with decades of lack of care for myself; and I’m equally surprised at how quickly y’all can get me in and out for each adjustment. Thank you, Dr. Swain, and efficient, smiling staff!

Please give my phone number to anyone who has trepidations. I would like to help others to get your help, too.

Truly Grateful,

-June, North Charleston, SC

I'm pregnant and was having difficulties walking until I went to see Dr. Swain. Now I'm enjoying my pregnancy pain free. Love this place.

- Connie ~ Summerville SC

I came to Swain Family Chiropractic to address my neck and lower back issues. Dr. Swain is helping me by continuing to manage the pain by treating my neck and back with adjustments designed especially for my problems. I am now able to continue with my everyday life and enjoy my usual activities. The staff is friendly and helpful. My overall experience has been positive and what I was looking for in my chiropractic care. I would recommend Dr. Swain to anyone needing any kind of pain relief.

- Ruth ~ Summerville, SC

I was experiencing lower back pain and was unable to walk for long periods of time. Dr. Swain has helped me by providing a personalized plan and explaining the cause of my pain. I am slowly feeling a difference after having daily pain for so long. The one on one consultation and report of findings was a great help to me in understanding what I needed to heal. I have enjoyed my experience at Swain Family Chiropractic. The staff has been very friendly. I would recommend Dr. Wain to anyone suffering from back pain.

- Keith ~ Summerville, SC

A wonderful chiropractor who genuinely cares about the best interests of his patients.

- Maggie ~ Summerville, SC

Dr. Ron is an excellent chiropractic doctor who combines holistic as well as medical practices, amazing!

- Karen B. ~ Summerville, SC

I have only been going for 1 week now and I can't tell y'all how this team has made me feel, as though I have been coming for years! Dr. Ron is so personal and the time he takes to actually explain what's going on with your body is just truly amazing! I learned more today at my Report of Findings appointment then I have ever learned from any other doctor! I am excited to have my body on its way to natural healing over the next year.

- Angel ~ Cross, SC

I have been going to see Dr Ron and his wonderful staff for 2 months. The service and atmosphere are so welcoming, friendly and yet very professional. I feel great! They have really catered to my needs with very good results. I highly recommend them.

- Karen H. ~ Summerville, SC

Dr Ron has a fantastic team, all professional and personable just as Dr Ron. I could barely walk when I started with him and with all his magic I'm on the right road once again. Thanks Swain Team!

- Carol C. ~ Summerville, SC

Great staff! Felt very comfortable there! Dr. Ron was fabulous and I feel so much better!

- Keri ~ Summerville, SC

Great staff! I’m not much on ANY doctors...but after giving Dr. Ron a try...I do feel a difference in my back!

- Keith ~ Summerville, SC

Such great, sweet, genuine people who really care!

- Lindsey ~ Summerville, SC

Yesterday was the first time I'd ever been to a chiropractor Dr Ron was extremely nice and thorough in explaining my condition. I got a adjustment and woke up this morning pain free no stiffness! I feel better right now than I felt in 15 years... The difference is amazing! I highly recommend Swain Family Chiropractic.

- Marcus ~ Summerville

Dr. Ron is an excellent chiropractic doctor who combines holistic as well as medical practices, amazing!

- Karen ~ Summerville

So my back hurt, and it was pretty bad. My work is very physical, and the pain kept me from performing at my normal level. The man I work for suggested that I go to a chiropractor, as he had done. Years ago I had an accident that gave me multiple screws and plates in my pelvis as a souvenir. They say we fear what we don’t understand…couple that notion with the seriousness of my old injuries and yeah, I was nervous about the prospect of allowing my spine to be wrung like a wet towel. When driving, in addition to my normal lumbar pillow I slipped a 2 pound bag of rice behind me as well. At work I had to get help for duties that I normally would do alone. After the initial consultation and evaluation I had much information but still nothing to help me comprehend the actual experience of being “adjusted.” I had to find relief from this pain that was acutely demanding my attention. I was out of options. The ER medicines were not working. Dr. Swain was genuine and not selling hype of any kind. I decided to give chiropractic medicine a try. He had me climb onto an apparatus and I heard my spine make noises as he pushed here and there. Afterwards I stood up and nothing was different. I still had pain, but I was not paralyzed or dead! I was very pleased. I came back and over time my pain faded and I put the bag of rice into the trunk of my car. There is something attain-ably simplistic to Dr. Swains approach to health. We all know that we should choose to eat a balanced diet. We all know that we should exercise mind and body. We all know that we should avoid stresses, emotional or chemical. I have been coming to appointments for 10 weeks or so and I am back to my normal activity and strength.

- Ed ~ Summerville

Dr. Swain and staff are the kindest, caring, genuine and passionate people in public service. Whatever your Chiro needs, big or small, they can cover them ALL! I HIGHLY recommend them!

- Monique

Best chiropractor in the business. Warm, kind, friendly, and professional! Would recommend Swain Family Chiropractic to everyone! Thank you Dr. Ron!

- Jen

Dr. Ron is outstanding and focused across the board. After initially helping me to rehabilitation and quicker healing after pancreatic surgery several years ago, his weekly program schedule helps to insure better wellness, overall health, flexibility, and "lifestyle maintenance." He is highly recommended for the entire family, at all age and activity levels to achieve healthy life style focus. See Dr Ron for an initial evaluation and overall objective for your lifetime goals in health and wellness.

- Nick ~ Summerville

Before beginning chiropractic care, I had accepted and allowed past injuries to interfere with my ability to be fully functional in the workplace and in everyday life. For 17 years Carpal tunnel created pain and problems with computer use, driving, gardening, and simple household chores. I also suffered from lack of mobility in my neck causing pain, difficulty driving, sleepless nights, and ever-decreasing muscle tone due to the inability to perform simple daily exercise. As I have grown older, hip and leg pain has caused difficulty sleeping, sitting and driving.
Chiropractic care has changed all that!

Your use of the decompression table combined with heat therapy and careful spinal manipulations has helped me to maintain steady improvement in my mobility both at home and at work. Knee, leg and hip pain no longer keep me from comfortable driving, restful sleep and healthy exercise. I sleep better, eat better and generally feel better since beginning treatment with you. This makes the people around me very happy.

I also appreciate that you evaluate my progress regularly and show me the progress on my scans. It’s encouraging to see black and white evidence that my pains (and improvements) are not all in my head!
Chiropractic care has enabled me to resume a full and healthy lifestyle, leaving behind the unhealthy “normal” that I had come to accept as inevitable and forever.

Thank you, Dr. Ron, for the expert care, encouragement and genuine concern that you have extended to me while in your care.

- Vicki ~ Summerville

I started coming to Swain Family Chiropractic because of pain in my right hip and leg. I was unable to take care of the children in my daycare due to the pain in my hip. Because of the pain on my right side I was leaning all of my weight on my left side so by sticking with regular adjustments my hip pain has subsided and I have improved immensely.

- Patty

I was miserable due to the pain in my back radiating down into my legs. I couldn't walk very far or even stand through a whole song at church without severe pain. I was in pain for 3 months before I saw my MD. He gave me medication and sent me to therapy. I went to therapy for 3 months with no improvements. I was going to go to a surgeon when someone recommended Dr. Ron. After 3 adjustments I had relief. I feel normal again. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I would recommend Dr. Ron.

- Linda

I started going to Swain Family Chiropractic due to low back pain. I feel better now and am more active after regular chiropractic visits. I like Dr. Swain better than other chiropractors because he takes the time at each appointment to evaluate my spine and make only the necessary adjustments. Other places I felt like it was more "assembly line", same thing every time.

- Wendy, Summerville

Dr. Swain and his staff are always very warm and welcoming when I came in for my appointments. The office is very clean, neat and professional. Dr. Swain explained everything in his report of findings so I could understand it, and I am feeling a lot better since I have been coming to the office.

- Jim

I started coming to Dr. Swain because I was having back, knee and headache problems. I was impressed on how smart and knowledgeable Dr. Swain is. He thoroughly explained each x-ray so that I could understand what was going on in my body. I use to get really bad migraine headaches, and they have since gone away. I also have little to no pain anymore in my back and hips since coming to his office. My knee pain is completely gone. I am feeling much better since I started my treatment here.. The staff is always so friendly, and the office is clean and welcoming. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone in pain or for maintenance care.

- Megan

I love Swain Family Chiropractic! Everyone is helpful and friendly. I have RA and asthma. I came to this center because my orthopedic doctor told me I would have to have a hip replacement when the pain became very severe. I limped and could not stop the pain in my groin and thighs. Dr. Swain, through manipulation, stretching, heat, and massage therapy stopped the pain. Both doctors are kind and helpful and concerned for their patients' well being. Thanks for caring.

- Romayne

I ended up at Swain Family Chiropractic Chiropractic through a living social deal for a massage. Included in the massage was a free chiropractic consultation. I must admit I was a bit skeptical. As a dancer I do a lot of wear and tear on my body and at the time I was experiencing chronic pain in my neck, middle and lower back. I've also experience some tendinitis in my left heel and ankle. I also noticed that I was suffering from fatigue and mild to severe headaches on a day to day basis. I was very eager and interested to get pain free. What I love most about Dr. Ron and Dr. Eric is that they are very personable and make it a point to really educate their patients about the ins and outs of chiropractic and how it relates to that patient. After a month and a half I am experiencing very little to no ... Chiropractic through a living social deal for a massage. Included in the massage was a free chiropractic consultation. I must admit I was a bit skeptical. As a dancer I do a lot of wear and tear on my body and at the time I was experiencing chronic pain in my neck, middle and lower back. I've also experience some tendinitis in my left heel and ankle. I also noticed that I was suffering from fatigue and mild to severe headaches on a day to day basis. I was very eager and interested to get pain free. What I love most about Dr. Ron and Dr. Eric is that they are very personable and make it a point to really educate their patients about the ins and outs of chiropractic and how it relates to that patient. After a month and a half I am experiencing very little to no pain in any area of my back and less irritation and inflammation in my feet. My headaches are far and few between now and I feel like I have much more energy. I am so glad that I decided to give Chiropractic a chance, more importantly that I ended up at Swain Family Chiropractic. I know I'm in good hands!

- Jennifer

I have been seeing Dr. Swain for well over a year now, and couldn't be any more pleased with the results! On more than one occasion I have had sudden, sharp pain in either my back, neck, or shoulders, and Dr. Swain was able to immediately see me and alleviate the pain naturally! The same goes for migraines! I used to have migraines pretty regularly, now they are few and far between! I see him regularly now, approximately once every other week, and I am extremely happy with the results. I recommend him to anybody looking to improve their health in a natural way!


I have been involved with medical group practices for more than 30 years and as a traditional “MD” type of person, I had not placed much faith in Chiropractic physicians or their services, the past 30 tears. Recently, as a result of a presentation by Dr Ronald Swain, at my local Chamber of Commerce event; I started a regular chiropractic regiment for spinal adjustments at Swain Family Chiropractic. These regiments are spine adjustment sessions with Dr Swain, 2 days a week, to adjust my spine, neck and lower back. After the adjustments are finished; I am then put on a “Continuous Motion” device for 15 minutes to stretch my lower back, hips and legs. Also on occasion, I am given a full back and lower spine mechanical massage by a therapist. My walking & standing pain is gradually disappearing. Dr Swain's offices are new, clean & the staff is well organized. I recommend Swain Family Chiropractic to anyone wanting to eliminate back pain without surgery.

- Colin

Dr. Ron's THE BEST! I tell him that after every adjustment! I have been a patient for nearly two (2) years. I initially went because of horrific pain in both knees& was walking with a cane. After a mere three (3) visits, my pain had subsided and the cane was history! Since that day of being set free from suffering, I have continued to follow Dr. Ron's recommendations. I am thoroughly convinced that I am walking today because of Dr. Ron! He(and his staff) are like family. He is not only filled with extreme knowledge but, also, with deep compassion. I have referred not only my family and friends, but when I meet a total stranger who is in pain, they are certain to get a prayer and one of Dr. Ron's business card!

- Susan

We LOVE this practice! Tim was previously told he would need additional surgery on his neck(injury) But because of these treatments, no surgery will be needed!! He is practically pain free now, and has much better range of motion. His severe back spasms now rare. I feel great every time I receive adjustments. Dr Swain treats all patients like they are family. He cares and educates everyone about how to take the best care of your body. We highly Recommend Swain chiropractic to everyone we know.

- Linda

I started going to Swain Family Chiropractic when I was 6 months pregnant. I had never received chiropractic care previously, and was simply amazed at how Dr. Swain was able to make me comfortable during the most uncomfortable months of my life. I am so grateful to have found his practice, and highly recommend to all!

- Amy

Before going to see Dr. Swain, I was suffering from pain and stiffness in my neck and lower back. I had never seen a Chiropractor before so I was also a little unsure. Dr. Swain and his staff put my mind at ease and now I have a better range of motion in my neck, no more stiffness,and best of all, I'm pain free in my lower back. I thank Dr. Swain every time I see him for helping me live a little better every day.

- Ken

I had a series of car accidents and met Dr. Swain after a medical doctor told me I needed surgery before he did a scan! I called Dr. Swain on a Saturday and he made a special trip into the office to see me! After 2 weeks of care I was able to move my head normally, and NO SURGERY! I continue to see Dr. Swain on a weekly basis and I am a definite advocate for Chiropractic care...even in the hospital I work at as a nurse!

- Pam

Dr. Swain has done wonders for my headaches. I have had them for many years and now they are almost completely gone!! I highly recommend his care if you suffer from headaches and neck pain.

- Melissa

Dr. Swain is the best! My neck was so bad I could not even turn to look over my shoulder. I can now easily turn and look after just 1 week! Thank you!

- Jane, Knightsville

I love to play golf. In 2009 i had severe lower back pain and could not swing a golf club. I went to Dr. Ron and after two visits my pain was gone and i was playing golf. He is dedicated to his profession and also to every person who comes in to his business, a true professional.

- Daryl

Swain Family Chiropractic is the best! I was impressed by the prompt service I received at Swain Family Chiropractic. I have received very effective treatment that has made me feel like myself again. I continue my care here because health and wellness are a very important part of my life.

- Amanda

I left pain free! Swain Family Chiropractic is unlike any of the chiropractors I have previously been to. I felt immediate improvement throughout my whole spine. The staff is so attentive and caring which was another reason why I wanted to continue my care. I felt like no matter what was going on in my day, I had a smile on my face when I walked in the door.

- Gina

Hello, my chiropractic care is something I am proud to tell you about. I have been receiving Chiropractic care since I was 39 years old. I am now 65 years and still rely on my chiropractor to keep me in good health. Not only have I been a patient, but I also worked for Dr. Herfert for many years. During that time I brought my 2 children for care. They both still continue to depend on and realize how much it helps you daily.

I have fallen several times and have some long term problems with my back which Dr. Herfert and now Dr. Swain keep adjusted so that I can function well and with no pain. I also know that it helps my overall health. Everything working-muscles, nerves and blood flow through proper adjusting keeps all my organs functioning and healthy. If I feel anxious or slightly feverish I know an adjustment will help and definitely keep me from going into a full fledged cold.

Chiropractic is a life style because you learn about your body and how important your spinal health is to your mind and body.

I know I will continue my care and I feel it is helping to keep me active and healthy.

- Peggy

I have been going to Swain Chiropractic for a three + years now, since just after they opened. Truth be told, I've known Dr. Swain since high school. Though that should have given me pause, instead, I gave it a shot, and I've been beyond pleased. The team at Swain Family Chiropractic has been the example of professional and courteous since the first time there. I have watched people from small children to the elderly be treated by Dr. Swain and his staff, and all leave with the same level of confidence and satisfaction when they leave.

The Staff

This is simply one of the kindest and dedicated staff I've met at a medical center. From the ladies at the front to the assistants who keep you moving through stretches, cracks and massages, the Swain team is the best. They are quick to greet you, happy to make conversation and pleased to leave you alone if you're not willing to bite. That's nice. I've never felt unwelcome, nor have I ever felt that staff was tired, and I've been in at the end of long days. In the end, the most impressive part of this group is the human element. They understand that schedules change and people’s lives are complicated. From reminders to welcoming phone calls when you reschedule, this staff is honest, but willing to go out of their way to make you comfortable and do what they can to work around your schedule.

The Facility

Swain Family Chiropractic is certainly not a big place, but its more than adequate. The team moves their patients to and from various stations like a finely tuned ballet. The doctors and staff work well together to maximize the space they have and it's always pristine and sterile, as would be expected but isn't always the case. They have two adjusting rooms, a traction room, the diagnosis and testing room, an X-ray facility, and a massage room for extended therapeutic massage.

The Doctors

From top to bottom Dr. Ron (Swain) and Dr. Eric, and the rest, do a great job. The Swain Family group are not in a rush to treat and always professional in their approach. As a returning patient, despite moving some ways away, I was pleasantly surprised that the team didn't go right to work on me. Instead, I went through x-rays and a variety of muscle and stress examinations so that they were able to treat the entirety of my issues versus the symptoms. I was also reminded that this is my spine they were adjusting, and in doing so must be careful not to put pressure on already inflamed or stressed parts of my back. The team was great, and had me back onto my feet.

The best description I can give to this place was while I was face down getting a stretch on the traction table when I overheard another patient talking in the lobby. The patients, both a woman and her young child, who had been treated by Dr. Swain, were greeted excitedly by the Dr. as they walked into the office. After a lengthy exchange between Dr. Swain and the child, it was obvious why they came there, and felt comfortable with the practice, the young boy felt like he was family. He was treated as an individual and the Dr. who has his own young family, understood that and made that young child feel special and cared for. At the heart of medicine is caring for the patient, and Dr. Ron and Dr. Eric take time to get to know their patients, interact with them, and make sure they all feel that way. The rest of the staff does as well.

This is a great place, and though I live literally across town, it's worth the 25 minute drive to and from where I work, to get there. I always feel better, in and out. It's a great place! Though I've known Dr. Swain for some time, I've been to a number of chiropractors over the years, and the reasons above are why I keep coming back to this one. Give it a try...you won't regret it.

- Tom

I originally came into the office as I was not liking how i was feeling-I seemed to be stiff and having a loss of mobility in my hip. Starting at Swain Family Chiropractic is the best investment I have made to my body. Within the first week I noticed a change, a feeling of wellness, ability to sleep soundly and staring to see an improvement in mobility overall!

- Kim

Dr. Swain, my chiropractor, has helped me improve my health so much! I had severe cervical pain on the right side of my neck and could not turn my neck to the right, which made it very difficult and dangerous while driving my car.

I had chronic pain in my lower back which is very minor now and getting better everyday because of Dr. Swains expertise.

I've been to two other chiropractors in the past and no one can hold a candle to Dr. Swain and his wonderful staff.

I would highly recommend Dr. Swain to everyone I know.

- Marge

I started going to Swain Family Chiropractic in September 2012 for pain in my shoulder blade and neck. I am not one to jump on a bandwagon, so if I tell you that the pain that I had been experiencing for over 5 years was diminished dramatically, you should believe me. I still see them for an adjustment once a week. The staff is extremely friendly and the doctors are top notch. I would highly recommend Swain Family Chiropractic.

- Yvonne

When a man puts his name on the business, it says a lot about both the business and the man. Dr Ron Swain, at Swain Family Chiropractic, has established a very good practice. He and Dr Eric provide the most thorough care of any of the 6 chiropractors I have been to over the past 20 years. The staff is very friendly, caring, and professional. The hours allow after work and weekend appointments. And they work hard to get the most value for your money, digging into insurance coverage and offering special programs. The practice is highly recommended.

- Kevin

I started coming to Swain Family Chiropractic a couple of years ago and it was when I was losing weight and was diagnosed with minor scoliosis. Thanks to the friendly staff at Swain Family Chiropractic. I have closer to full range of motion that everybody should have.

- Doug

My Mom had to have neck surgery 2 years ago. I started getting shooting pain down my arm and worried I was in for the same fate. I waited for 3 months to do anything about it. After a month of coming to Swain Family Chiropractic the shooting pain disappeared.

- Lesley

I started coming to Swain Family Chiropractic over a year ago with neck pain so bad that I could barely turn my hear. After a coule of weeks I was amazed at how much better I felt. I was able to start doing things that I love again like running, bowling and golf in no time. Dr. Ron, Dr. Eric and staff have helped me greatly.

- Gary

Hi my name is Ron Dix, I would like to say a few words about chiropractic care. When I called and made an appointment with Dr. Swains office, I could barely walk. I was in severe pain from shoveling heavy wet snow we received on February 27, 2013. I was very nervous about having someone work on my spine. After the initial consultation and a few adjustments, I started feeling a lot better. I have been with Dr. Swain for about 5 weeks now. I am totally pain free and I can actually bend and twist without any discomfort. I am now a true believer about chiropractic care for the health of the spine and total body. Dr. Swain and Dr. Eric and the whole staff are truly professionals in the way they handle their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Swain and his practice to anybody who needs health care of their spine. Thank you Dr. Swain and staff.

- Ron

When we moved here, four years ago, I was faced once again with the task of having to find a new chiropractor in a place where I didn’t know anyone. (I’m a former Army wife so we have had to move around a lot over the years. I have been a HUGE FAN OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE for many years now, so finding a chiropractor has always been a top priority for me whenever we move anywhere.) Luckily, Dr. Swain had put an advertisement in the local newspaper. So, I decided to give him a try. Looking back on it now, I am so grateful to Dr. Swain for running that ad in the paper! I have been EXTREMELY PLEASED with Dr. Swain’s office. First of all, they are just a really FRIENDLY GROUP of people! I felt immediately welcomed not just to their office but to the area! They gave me tips on where things were in the area (restaurants, music lessons for my son, directions on how to get to places like, “Where’s Rochester Road?”, “Is there a mall anywhere?”, etc…). Okay, I realize that none of this has anything to do with chiropractic care, but my point is that I needed a good chiropractor but, just as importantly, I also needed to meet some nice people! At Swain Family Chiropractor Center, both of my needs were met!

In addition to a FANTASTIC STAFF, the things I love the most about Swain Family Chiropractic Center are: I am getting the same OUTSTANDING, QUALITY CARE that I was getting from my previous chiropractor back in Maryland (Dr. Ron and Dr.Eric are both very knowledgeable, caring chiropractors), the OFFICE HOURS ARE TERRIFIC (better than what I had back in Maryland—they have a great selection of days and times to choose from), and THEY ARE ACCOMODATING—there have been times when I have needed to change an appointment or to come in for an appointment spur of the moment (like if I’d done something crazy at home for example, lifted something too heavy and then felt like I really needed an adjustment that very day, times when I have felt like—“I just can’t wait”) and I have always been quite amazed and very grateful to them for being so accommodating. They really try to help people and to work with each person’s individual needs.

My twenty year old son also gets adjusted by Dr. Ron and Dr. Eric. He has never had any real back problems (no actual severe pain issues) but when we lived in Maryland my chiropractor educated me about the importance of helping kids to maintain proper spinal health. My son really likes getting chiropractic adjustments! He and I both believe that we are healthier because of chiropractic care. We both feel totally energized after getting an adjustment! We love the natural approach rather than always turning to medications right away. WE LOVE CHIROPRACTIC CARE! WE LOVE SWAIN FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC CENTER!

A HUGE THANKS to everyone at Swain Family Chiropractic Center for being our first friends and for helping us to “adjust” (not just our spines but to adjust to the area as well)!

- Susan

My name is Robert W. I have been a construction electrician for over 15 years. I have been in one major car accident. I have always enjoyed being an amateur athlete (football, weightlifter). My symptoms before attending Swain Chiropractic included: general back pain, slower walking, general pain when getting out of a chair, trouble sleeping and reduction in energy/stamina. I contributed my symptoms to just getting older. After three weeks of following the doctors plan I can happily say that I have found all my symptoms to greatly be reduced and my sleeping is almost perfect. My sleeping did require one of those special pillows and Swain Chiropractic provided that to me in their office when I started my recovery plan. I have been happy with their product and would recommend them to any of my friends or family.

- Robert

My wife, Sharon, and I have been patients of Dr. Swain for two (2) years. Dr. Ron is very knowledgeable. He also encourages and educates everyone on taking care of their body, including exercise and proper eating. His staff is very professional and a pleasure to be with during the visit. Highly recommended if you have any kind of pain that can be corrected by a good chiropractor.


Dr. Swain has eliminated my headaches after years of suffering from daily headaches. I highly recommend Dr. Swain for anyone who suffers from headaches or neck pain.

- Pam, Summerville

Great doctor, wonderful, kind staff. They all listen to you and they really care and want you to get better and free of pain. Had real bad pain, almost unable to go to work, after 6 visits I am pain free, we still have work to do, and I am on board. Dr. gives you a very thorough exam and test , explains it in great detail before he begins your treatment, great massage girl, Maggie is a miracle worker.

- Patricia, Summerville

EXCELLENT!!!!! My experience with Swain family chiropractic has been amazing. Dr. Ron not only treats the symptoms, he also treats the overall health of his patients. He is through with his exam and going over what he discovers. I have always felt comfortable and relaxed when I'm in his care. I am so thankful for his care.

- Kim, Summerville

I want to thank Dr Swan and his staff for helping my husband. He still has a long road, but he is able to walk straight again! I DEFINITELY recommend them!

- Alicia U, Goose Creek

I've been going to Swain Chiropractic for back and foot pain for almost a year now, and I love it. Dr. Ron is awesome, and takes the time to explain things to you. The entire staff is nice, and they make you feel like family. I highly recommend them!

- Robert US Army Reserve

Dr Ron and staff are absolutely amazing! You will not be disappointed!

- Cathy R Knightsville

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